Food as Our First Medicine

Food As Our First Medicine
Comida Como Nuestra Primera Medicina     
- Cottage Food Operator -
Made in a Home Kitchen-hecho en casa
Ancient Foods That Heal
Comidas Antiguas Que Sanan

Healing Our Community One Bite at A Time
We believe that food is our first medicine.
In honoring our food in all of its stages from seed to fruit we nourish our spirits, bodies, minds and ecosystem.  Our mission is to exhume the life giving seeds of the ancient past, that were buried under centuries of ignorance, fear, violence and religious fervor.  Our struggle is to balance the scales of Lady Food Justice so she provides equal access to safe, seasonal and traditional foods in every community without social, political or economical disparities.  

Ce Patli is a wife(Angelica) and husband(Sergio) operated vision who have dedicated the past decade in advocating and creating community based C.S.A., Native Food Cooking Workshops, Organic Food Co-op, Native Maiz (Non GMO) Defenders, and Nature Centered Family Raising. Our 2 boys have taught us not to wait for changes, but to Do It Now, when it’s your time.
We are working towards acquiring enough support and funding to operate in an established setting such as Farme a restaurant, community store or mobile food truck. All of our products are Non GMO and/or Organic, creatively combined and cooked to develop a taste of nostalgia. Our corn is processed with lime (Nixtamalizado) and grinded in a stone mill (molino). We use Vegetable Shortening in our tamales. We are flexible in customizing to your gastronomic preferences.  
We pray and hope that our purpose serves you as we intend our food heals your body, nourishes your spirit, calms your mind and caress Mother Earth island.